Buy Now Theodolite Topcon DT 205L

Buy Now Theodolite Topcon DT 205L

Available in three affordable models delivering 5 ", 7" or 9 "angle accuracy, there is a DT-200 theodolite perfect for any job.

The Topcon DT-200L Series resists any moisture or dust conditions in the field, allowing for a more productive day during inclement weather. Degree of protection against water is based on the standard IEC60529, whose definition is "water projected in powerful jets against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects."

All models are compact and lightweight for easy portability and simple operation provides precise measurement in functional and uncomplicated package. The DT-209L Topcon over 170h allows continuous measurement mode angle. This long battery life will eliminate the need for replacement batteries at work.


      Accuracy 9th
      26x Magnification
      optical plummet
      Waterproof and dustproof
      Laser diode 633 nm that can be seen up to 50 meters away from the light of day
      solo exhibition
      10 "/ 20" Reading
      170 hours Battery
      5 years manufacturer warranty

The article includes

      DT-205L Theodolite
      Hard Case
      Plumb Bob
      Doth lint-free lens
      User Manual
      Manufacturer Warranty Card (5 years)